Here we provide a summary table of our currently used techniques.

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Smart-seq2Drop-seq (10xGenomics)
Number of cellsup to 30003841,000s
PolyA-mRNA captureOligo-dT primerOligo-dT primerOligo-dT primer on beads
Reverse transcriptionTSO (UMI)TSO-LNATSO
cDNA amplificationPCRPCRPCR
Library preparationIn-house Tn5Nextera XTCovaris sonication, Illumina library
Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI)YesNoYes
Cell barcodeYesYesYes
Cell selectionYesNoNo
Transcript coverage5'Full-length3'
Sequencing reads50bp single-read50bp single-readPaired-end
Reads per cell~50,000~500,000~150,000*